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DroneTronik is at the forefront in working with airport planners, engineers and aerodrome operators, providing high-accuracy topographic maps, planimetric maps, and aerial photography to meet the Civil Aviation Safety Authorities' new Advisory Circulars: AC 2-5-1(0), AC 139-17(0), and AC 139-20(0)

We have extensive experience at Airports and operate within the confines of the Aerodrome Manual, Safety Management Systems as well as apply our own operational Safety Management Systems and Procedures.

Our staff apply and implement all CASA standards as they evolve, and our expertise benefits all of our airport operator clients. We can complete a National Geodetic Survey approved project under these stringent standards. We can also deliver an accurate Airport Layout Data in multiple formats.

Our staff have extensive experience in Aerodrome Management, SMS, and Aerodrome Emergency Plan implementation, as well as have excellent credentials in dealing with CASA in a constructive fashion.

DroneTronik's airport mapping solutions provide the right geospatial information tailored to the Aerodrome Operator's needs and regulatory requirements. These solutions include image and elevation data acquisition, obstacle analysis, GIS, remote sensing, and complete surveys. In addition, our base mapping services support Airport Layout Planning, Airport Obstruction Chart production, and engineering design. Our services offer clients a complete geospatial solution that can be used to produce multiple products as required by CASA for inclusion into the Aerodrome Manual or as part of the Aerodrome Technical Inspections.