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Energy and Mining

Energy and Mining


Energy drives the economy worldwide. The innovation of energy companies is mandatory for creative solutions in a very dynamic and safety critical environment in order to meet a variety of energy tasks.

On Target Geospatial Solutions

DroneTronik can provide carefully tailored geospatial solutions for the development and operation of energy infrastructure. Our solutions support the planning, design and monitoring of sites and corridors associated with tapping, generating and transmitting energy. We can inspect 200 km of pipeline in a single day, saving time and valuable resources.


Imagery is a valuable resource that assists feasibility assessments, corridor mapping, construction monitoring, as-built documentation and infrastructure monitoring during operations. We provide digital imagery from airborne and satellite sources at a variety of resolutions to satisfy multiple needs. Our multi-sensor approach ensures that you will get the information you need for your application in a timely fashion and we can tailor to your needs and requirements.

Elevation Data

Elevation data is especially critical for the engineering design of infrastructure, whether it is site specific, a pipeline, or a transmission corridor from source to the grid. We extract precise elevation data using lidar and photogrammetric techniques to create Digital Elevation Models, Digital Terrain Models and topographic mapping.


Geographic Information Systems leverage imagery, elevation and feature data into detailed geospatial models, supporting all phases of energy infrastructure operations.  DroneTronik brings extensive experience in geospatial systems architecture, design, and integration.


Mineral extraction operations involve unique logistical challenges. DroneTronik provides our clients with geospatial services throughout the life cycle of a mine, from exploration and feasibility studies, ore extraction, mine closure and landscape restoration.

The services we provide include digital aerial imagery, lidar, digital elevation models, planimetric and topographic maps, orthophotography, GIS, infrared and remote sensing. This means we are able to deliver outcomes tailored to the needs of our mining clients.

Clients value our life cycle monitoring capabilities as it provides them with an archive of reliable temporal mine information and data that they are able to utilise when regulatory, legal, or technical challenges arise. As a trusted mapping partner, DroneTronik's recurring mapping and monitoring solutions help mine operators more efficiently manage mine operations and resources, enabling them to extract the greatest efficiency from each site.

Flexibility is critical in the Energy and Mining sector. Our goal is to always deliver practical and useful data - adjusting our solutions to meet each client's schedule, requirements and outcomes.